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VLUV - בסביבת העבודה שלך

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VLUV LEIV makes a clear design statement in your office or in your living space. It is the youngest VLUV version, and it comes in amazingly expressive colors! The fabric cover is made of a densly woven polyester canvas fabric.

VLUV SOVA brings the latest Scandinavian style trends to your home and work space. The cozy, wool-like upholstery fabric boasts 5 different, mixed colours.

VLUV VEEL is the sophisticated version of our VLUV concept. The cover is made from a vegan faux leather. The new material feels and looks like aged leather but it is made from a coated polyester fabric.

VLUV STOV is the new, young version of our VLUV seating ball series. The seating ball/gym ball made of a sturdy but soft polyester fabric. VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and warm seating for your home or work space. 

The world´s first Felt seating ball/gym ball made of warm and cozy merino wool felt. VLUV offers a fluffy, cozy and healthy seating for your home or work space.

The OUTDOOR  VLUV AQVA has been designed to be a long term companion for your garden, terrace or pool. The cover is made of heavy-duty solution-dyed acrylic fabric made by the world´s leading outdoor fabric manufacturer Sunbrella™. The fabric is UV resistant, colorfast, chlorine resistant, salt water resistant, abrasion resistant and washable.



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